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We have this patient always for difficult extraction. The first time I extracted blood from her she was happy and informed me that my hands were light and she wishes that it was always me who did the job.

Tonight, I was informed there was another extraction at the wards. And as soon as I walked into the room, it was the same patient and she gave me this smile and an expression of happiness.

It felt so good, seeing a patient react to you in that manner. And I am so lucky to be doing what I love and only dreamt of when I was little.

It was an amazing feeling.



“I asked for strength and God gave me difficulties to make me strong.”

I read this from a post by a well known personality who recently committed suicide because she was suffering from Bipolar disorder major depression type. She was taking pills and yet one night she got drunk and decided to fall off from her condo.

It’s funny when you think someone else has this perfect life and then suddenly decided to end things. Its just saddening because she was a good person and yet despite the smile she was displaying upfront, there was more going on inside her. And no one knew about it.

Someone else really has it worse than you. And yesterday we lost someone who was a big part and influence in our lives.